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The previous method of tracking race support business involves maintenance of a Google Sheet (tab per year, row per weekend date). The columns track all of the information required to generate the contract, along with additional information for tracking when the invoice and contract are sent, and when the payment and signed contract are received. When the treasurer fills in all the fields required to go to contract, a volunteer downloads the sheet and generates a Word file via mail merge (saved as pdf). The treasurer emails the contract to the client race director. The race director must sign the contract and either scan/email or return via US Mail.

contractility automates much of the contract management flow. The requirements for the tool are captured in Race Support Contract Management Requirements.

Tool’s Primary Goals: Reduce the volunteer labor associated with managing our race support business.

  1. generate and track contracts with our race support clients. Reduce the processing related to signing contracts for both FSRC volunteer and race director. (Priority 1)

  2. Make it easier to manage the data associated with our race support business with less manual manipulation of spreadsheets. (Priority 2)

  3. Provide an availability calendar to aid race directors in selecting race dates. (Priority 2)

  4. Automate status emails to race directors (Priority 2)

Tool’s secondary goal: support other agreements between FSRC and clients, e.g., for race sponsorship.

This document shows the race services contract flow.

The administrator should read Administrator’s Guide and follow the specific use case they are interested in. Administrator and user process flows can be found within Administrator’s Reference and Race Director’s Reference respectively.

In addition to the admin and user process flows mentioned above, there are some automated processes:


  • in this document the terms “contract” and “agreement” are used interchangeably.

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