Race Sponsor Administrator’s Guide

The system is used to manage sponsors for the Steeplechasers signature races. The primary functions provided by the system include:

  • maintain database of benefits for sponsor levels

  • maintain record of race sponsorships

  • generate sponsor agreement based on sponsor benefits

  • automatically configure free entry coupons in the race registration system (RunSignUp only)

  • automated initialization of possible sponsorships for the next year from the current year’s sponsors

This system is designed to significantly reduce the administrative workload required to manage sponsorships by signature race race directors.

Email Conventions

All emails generated by the system use races@steeplechasers.org as the from address. Emails that are generated for the sponsor agreement are addressed TO races@steeplechasers.org. This email address is associated with one or more individuals in the steeplechasers.org organization, and those individuals will receive the email. When responding to this email, individuals should ALWAYS respond from their steeplechasers.org email address and copy races@steeplechasers.org to ensure that all communication is shared with the races team.

Event State Flow

   "(New Sponsor)" -> "renewed-pending" [label="RD considers new sponsor"]
   "(New Sponsor)" -> "tentative" [label="RD solicitation to new sponsor"]
   "renewed-pending" -> "tentative" [label="RD solicitation to previous sponsor"]
   "renewed-pending" -> "tentative" [label="RD solicitation to new sponsor"]
   "tentative" -> "committed" [label="Send Agreement"]
   "committed" -> "canceled" [label="Potential sponsor indicates no sponsorship"]
   "committed" -> "renewed-pending" [label="5 days after race"]

   "renewed-pending" [color=cyan, style=filled]
   "tentative" [color=green, style=filled]
   "committed" [color=cyan, style=filled]
   "canceled" [color=green, style=filled]

   "manual" [color=green, style=filled]
   "automatic" [color=cyan, style=filled]