Race Director’s Reference

User Calendar View

Race directors can get an overview of date availability using the User Calendar view.


Clicking the Request Race Services button takes the race director to the Race Services Request View.

Race Services Request View

The Race Services Request view is used by the race director to request race services. This form generates an email to raceservices@steeplechasers.org.


Accept Agreement view

The Accept Agreement view is used to capture the race director’s consent to the Race Support Agreement.


The race director is given the option to view or download the agreement using links in the form.

When the YES, I AGREE button is clicked, the event state moves to committed.

Agreement Accepted view

The Agreement Accepted view is displayed when the race director agrees to the Race Support Agreement.

Thank you for contracting with FSRC for race support services for <Event> on <Date>.

[if finishline or coursemarking]

You will be hearing from us about five days prior to your event for final coordination on our finish line services.

[end finishline or coursemarking]

[if premiumpromotion]

Please watch for your premium promotion to start about three months prior to your event. To receive these, please subscribe to our mailings at http://eepurl.com/bMW_Wf, and be sure to check the Frederick Area Featured Races option.

After your race, please send email addresses of your participants to communications@steeplechasers.org. These folks will be included in our mailings about Frederick area local races. As a reminder, you should include a statement in your waiver as follows, “I understand that I may receive emails about this race and other races promoted by the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club.”

[end premiumpromotion]

If you have any questions or changes, please contact raceservices@steeplechasers.org.